BREACHED! What to Do When Your Defenses Fail

BREACHED! What to Do When Your Defenses Fail

Breaches are pandemic. Despite our best efforts as security professionals, getting breached is an inevitability. Because we tend to focus our efforts so heavily on preventing breaches, we often get stopped in our tracks when our prevention methods fail. Join Evan Francen and a panel of incident response experts, and learn what steps to take when attackers break through your defenses. Enjoy round-table-style discussion and networking about incident response in a relaxed atmosphere with light appetizers and delicious beer.

DEFEND! Step Up Your Data Security Defenses Against Third-Party Risks

Third-party-related risk accounts for nearly two-thirds of all breaches, and yet many organizations still struggle to manage their vendor risk well. Join FRSecure’s CEO, Evan Francen, for an introduction to third-party risk management methods and strategies, how people commonly fail, and how you avoid being a part of the crowd. Evan will join a panel of industry experts for a discussion on how they effectively mitigate their business’s third-party risks and remain defensible in the event of a vendor-caused breach. Enjoy light appetizers and Day Block beer while you learn common vendor risk management issues and how to combat them before they arise. Networking before and after the event will offer you a chance to talk with Evan and the panelists to get your questions answered or exchange stories.

AMBUSHED! Inside the Mind of a Hacker

Join FRSecure’s CEO, Evan Francen, for a behind-the-scenes look at the many ways black hat hackers can violate your company’s security for either personal gain or maliciousness. Then join FRSecure’s Director of Technical Services, Stefan Dorn, and his team of white hat hackers, Team AMBUSH, for a panel discussion on how they ethically compromise security systems to help companies improve their defenses. Enjoy light appetizers and Surly beer while you experience simulated attacks, hear firsthand accounts of actual security breaches and see exactly how a hacker can easily infiltrate your organization. Try your hand at hacker challenges including cryptography, lock picking and more. As a member of the audience, you might even be part of a simulated attack!

COUNTERATTACK! 7 Ways to Build Your Arsenal Against a Security Breach

There's no foolproof way to avoid a breach, but there are steps you can take to make the attack less severe on your data and your company's reputation. Join FRSecure's CEO, Evan Francen, and a panel of security experts for: COUNTERATTACK! 7 Ways to Build Your Arsenal Against a Security Breach Enjoy light appetizers and Surly beer while we discuss the latest threats you need to be aware of and steps you can take to detect and defend against them. Learn the 7 steps necessary for any company to create a more resilient environment that's enabled for a rapid and efficient response when an incident occurs.